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4. The Hogan cap also dates back to his teenage days. DeChambeau says he saw the cap in a pro shop when he was 13 and decided to pick one up, and it has become his signature look ever since. 5. Smicker — (v) to look amorously after somebody. Snickersnee — (v) to engage in cut-and-thrust fighting with knives. Sprunt — (v) an old Scottish word meaning to chase girls around among the haystacks after dark. Taradiddle — (n) pretentious nonsense. Tittynope — (n) a small quantity of something left over.

4. It is illegal to slurp your soup. Slurping may be considered rude in other places but in New Jersey it is illegal. 5. It is illegal to delay or detain a homing pigeon. They are working; homing pigeons are no joke. Mess with one and you could end
17. He is not a person of much importance in history except in relation to a strange theory raised in a later age about his birth, which we shall notice presently. 3. 1. When she was not occupied, she wandered restlessly about the house, making strange though rarely unpleasant sounds. 8.
Go ahead and laugh. Babies are too young to understand the story of the boy who cried wolf, and besides, their behavior is charming proof that they're growing more socially aware . "Around 6 ...
Furthermore, "Bohemian" is an adjective for something unusual or against convention, and the song is just that. ... it may even be code for the whole gay/straight thing. "anyway the wind blows", meaning if it's men or women- it doesn't matter to him. "mama, just killed a man. Put a gun against his head, pulled my trigger- now he's dead" ...
A word used by basic, insecure, boring, cookie-cutter ass bitches to describe someone better than them. Jenna called Tom weird because he skies. by 123fye February 8, 2017 Get the weird mug. weird Someone who isnt afraid to be themselfs. A person who likes to be humorous and make people laugh. People who like to have a good time.